• Lots between 2300m2 and 3500m2
  • Landscaping and forestation
  • Centenary perimeter pirca (dry-stone fence)
  • Controlled access/ Security gate 
  • Underground electricity net
  • Common areas with access to the river
  • 17 lots
  • Preservation of archaeological ruins of communal mortars

In a 6-ha property close to the tourist villa Tafí del Valle, an urban project has been developed which offers the comfort and services of a modern undertaking while prioritizing intimacy and security, respecting the vestiges of pre-Columbian cultures and highlighting the spectacular landscapes of the valley.

La Piedra Partida S. A. / Autopista Juan D. Perón - Km. 5,3
(4178) Cevil Pozo - Tucumán
Phone: 54-381-4001619 / Fax: 54-381-4001616