Polylepis australis, also known locally as Tabaquillo or Queñoa, is an arboreal botanical species, member of the family Rosaceae. It is endemic of the northwestern sierras of Argentina, where it grows in humid gorges protected from direct sun and winds, between 2000 and 2900 m above sea level. Reaching between 3 and 8 m high, its treetop is winding and rounded, while its leaves are pinnate, compound and perennial. Its bark has a distinctive feature as it opens up in multiple thin orange-brown layers that look like puff pastry.

Our objectives are to preserve autochthonous woods and their fauna by protecting the natural ecosystem of the high valleys and safeguarding a natural sample of the Aconquija sierras, by defending its water resources and by respecting its culture and history while generating models of sustainable and sensible use of local natural spaces.

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