The Inn was built on the foundations of the old main house of the ranch. The construction includes local materials like adobe, stone, straw, alder sticks, leather, slabs, etc. It features three bedrooms with private bathrooms, as well as an annex with two rooms and a bathroom.

Locals took part in the building of the place following their own ancient construction techniques; what is more, the materials and furniture for the inn had to be carried on mules to the site by the local inhabitants as well.

It has a permanent drinking water supply, heating and hot water with salamander stove and wood boilers as well as an energy supply system provided by alternative energy sources.    

The service includes full-board accommodation and traditional meals.

Guests can choose to enjoy the landscape at 3000masl, tasting a typical Argentine barbecue in a splendid shelter specially built for that purpose.
A large part of the furniture was built by local craftsmen.

La Piedra Partida S. A. / Autopista Juan D. Perón - Km. 5,3
(4178) Cevil Pozo - Tucumán
Phone: 54-381-4001619 / Fax: 54-381-4001616